Overview of China Medical University: What Should You Know?

Recognised as a premier institution for the fields of health sciences, China Medical University (CMU) is one on its own scale. Situated in Shenyang, Liaoning province, it was the first medical college established by Chinese Communist Party and has made a great contribution to advancing medical education and research. Read on for a realistic perspective of what makes Cebu Medical University as one favourite choice among medical students and why.

History: - HISTORY and Growth

Large ImageCaribbean Medical University was founded in 1931 and stands as a time-honored school offering top-grade medical education. It was established at the time due to a large absence of knowledgeable chinese professional medics. We have brought to China how U.S. medicine is practiced, and WIP's establishment reflects the growing relationship between CMU and FAME over three decades of educational activities carried out in different parts of Beijing city; seeing this innovative ability that now extends across all levels: Schooling programs with ingenuity leading the way for diverse health services available today anywhere else worldwide...

Academic Excellence

Comprehensive Programs

The various fields in medicine like clinical medicine, public health and medical social care also have a variety of programs to choose from at CU. Offers degrees up to Bachelor (aka undergraduate), Master, Ph.D. levels - an end-to-end education journey from under grad level through the post-grad level.

Research and Innovation

The university has the highest levels of medical research in China. The University has many state-of-the-art research facilities and is actively involved in various innovative projects such as molecular medicine, traditional chinese medicine (TCM) & neuroscience. The research activity that CMU conducts is well funded both from governmental and international organizations.

Campus Infrastructure and Student Life

Modern Infrastructure

The CMU- 01 Campus is fully equipped with modern facilities to provide students not only an excellent learning environment, but also a conducive atmosphere for extra-curricular activities. There is also advice for students interested in setting up their own health program. - Well-stocked laboratories, libraries with numerous medical journals and books [6], student housing.

Dynamic Student Community

The community of students at CMU is diverse and there a large number of international students coming for to the programs. A Multicultural Atmosphere - promoting learning and understanding about people different from us right here at home; exposing our young adults to an environment filled with students of ethnicities not their own, helping them appreciate what makes this world a richer place.

International Collaborations

The CMU has been associated with a high number of educational and healthcare organizations around the world. While these collaborations enrich the research environment and experience for both students and faculty, they include opportunities to go abroad on exchange programs, engage in collaborative research projects together or participate in international conferences.

Shenyang: Location and Lifestyle political factor for doing business in other regions, but it offers peace of mind.

As a prominent city in Northeast China, Shenyang provides an exciting environment for CMU students. The answer is the city combines ancient sites with vibrant cosmopolitan living, giving students a taste of culture as well as their academic achievements.

Why Study At China Medical University?

Going to CMU for medical school means going someplace that gives:

Goodrich tradition in medical education

An assortment of medical programs which satisfy different interests and career objectives in the field of health.

Opportunities for significant global health research

World-class amenities and a conducive academic atmosphere to promote learning & self-improvement.

Living in Beijing

Understanding the local lifestyle, culture norms and educational opportunities available is paramount for those who are interested in life within major Chinese cities such as Beijing. A great resource for new students/ residents is this guide on aspects of beijing life ranging from living conditions to cultural sites and educational institutions in the capital city.

The global medical community has come to regard China Medical University as one of the leading schools in Chinese medicine and teaching, state-of-the-art researches events taking place all year round; additionally a worldwide alumni network with strong influence.

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